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AGACAD Ltd. er vel þekkt hugbúnaðarfyrirtæki sem sérhæfir sig í BIM hugbúnaði og viðbætum fyrir Revit með fleiri 10000 notendur í 129 löndum.

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For Architects, Structural Engineers, and MEP Engineers

  • Solutions for headaches that work with Autodesk® Revit® software can cause
  • Projects done on time and with the highest quality
  • More time for creativity and engineering work instead of drafting

For BIM Managers

  • BIM made as needed
  • Easier BIM data analysis and management without losing time for manual data extraction
  • Projects done on time and with the highest quality

For Owners and Managers of AEC Companies

  • Safer investments
  • Reduced project delivery time
  • Confidence of ROI in the transition from CAD to BIM

We share the world’s leading BIM user practice. It’s in our solutions. Together we can build up the BIM industry!

BIM lausnir fyrir Autodesk® Revit® professionals og Leading Autodesk® Revit® viðbætur
– sjá hér að neðan lítin hluta af úrvali AGA CAD.

Cut Opening

Defines and reserves spaces in Revit® models for ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits. Structural engineers and architects can then review, revise, and create the approved holes with a click. Suitable openings are designed automatically based on the location and types of clashes detected for MEP elements in current, linked, or IFC files.

Insert Elements

Instantly distributes any number of objects throughout a BIM model at logically defined positions: from furniture and light fixtures to mechanical equipment and structural connections. The database of rules is customizable, and a handy dialog of project elements is drag-and-drop enabled.

Smart Browser

Adds or changes BIM object parameters and values based on rules, eliminating error-prone manual work to update Revit® families. Adapt in real time to new LOD specifications, object standards, and record-model needs, keeping project and library families in sync across your full BIM team.


Imports Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Revit® projects, including style settings. Tables are easily created and kept current because data are linked. This significantly speeds up project documentation

Dynamic Legend

Creates intelligent legends in Revit® that you can update with a click. It also splits specifications across pages, allows multiple views of any element (including real pictures), and works with linked projects.

Smart Sheets

Lets you create and manage large numbers of sheets in Revit® based on templates and sorting results. Add views instantly to an entire set of sheets and control alignment of positions. And update parameters for many sheets at once.

Smart Walls

Is a powerful add-on for managing walls in Revit®, letting you rapidly disassemble layers into different wall types, fully control joins and gap distances, insert gravity points, split walls by grids, and add orientation, elevation or coordinate details.

Quick Dimensions

Enables you to automatically add dimensions to chosen elements (also in elevations and sections!), create multiple dimension chains at one go, and join isolated dimensions to a chain.


Calculates the overall heat transfer coefficient for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, and foundation slabs in a Revit® project, as well as for framed constructions. Materials data can be imported for the analysis and results can be exported.



These Revit add-ons are free of charge:
Cut Opening – Smart Browser – Smart Select
You are welcome to download, activate and start benefiting from them right now!

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